Finally EMC and VMware made “VxRail” Appliance


EMC and VMware are combining forces to announce VCE VxRail, a new hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that will enable organizations to create IT certainty by eliminating complexity and collapsing cost structures while leveraging their existing VMware investments. The VxRail community allows for the discovery of information as it pertains to hyper-converged solutions and the building of the datacenter at scale.


Watch some videos over here.

VCE VxRail Appliance Infographic Video – The Journey to Hyper-Converged




Also you learn and watch some videos over here


Appliance Overview

VxRail is the market’s only fully integrated, preconfigured, hyper-converged appliance that extend and simplify VMware environments. The VxRail Appliance family brings together the best of EMC and VMware including EMC rich data services and leading systems management capabilities with VMware’s leading hyper-converged software that includes VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN, the industry’s most vSphere integrated software-defined storage – all in a single product family with one point of support. VxRail Appliances seamlessly plug into VMware eco-system management solutions to simplify IT operations while lowering costs, and is a turnkey, easily scalable appliance that creates an automated, software-defined infrastructure for the modern, innovation-focused data center.


Now, we invite you to be part of the discussion and directly engage with our SMEs and community members, ask technical questions, and learn how the VCE VxRail Appliance offers:

  • FLEXIBILITY AND CHOICE:Build-to-order hardware in both hybrid and all-flash node configurations allows customers to buy what they need now and provide a predictable, “pay-as-you-grow” approach for future scale out.
  • PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY: Delivering a known and proven building block for the SDDC based on VMware vSphere and VMware Virtual SAN software that delivers up to 5X performance while scaling easily and non-disruptively starting from 40 VMs up to 3,200 VMs.
  • USABILITY AND MANAGEMENT: Powered by VMware Hyper-Converged Software and managed through the familiar vCenter Server interface with seamless integration of current VMware technology lets customers leverage and extend their existing IT tools, processes and skillsets with an experience they already know.  And for a comprehensive IT core to edge management ecosystem, VxRail is discoverable and visible in VCE VISION.
  • AND MORE… 


Reference and EMC community.


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[Arabic] Lync 2010 / 2013 Workshop Videos 1:35


lync_2013 logo

عام عام وانتم بخير وعيد سعيد

اليوم سلسله الفيديوهات الخاصه باللينك سيرفر من الفيديو 1 الى الفيديو 35

اتمنى تكون السلسه مفيده لكم ان شاء الله


Hello friends welcome back and happy feast for all staff.

I just uploaded rest of videos from 1 : 35.


الفيديوهات هنا  / Video’s are here




لا تفوتك موضوعاتى الاخيره على مايكروسفت ستوديو

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Lync Contact Manager & Step by step Guide


Step By Step Guide Lync Debug Tools – Snooper 2013


تقدر تنزلها بكل سهوله ولا تنسى التقييم للمواضيع

simply download these files and you might give it rate Smile




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Lync Online Session Questionnaire


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

ان شاء الله ناويين نعمل محاضره عن

Lync Online

ياريت تختارلنا الميعاد الى يناسبك

ان شاء الله هتكون بعد العيد بتوقيت القاهرة


Hello Friends,

I’ve announced for #Lync online session in Arabic speaking after feast vacation God willing,

Please put you touch 🙂 and let me know your opinion  🙂 .


the questionnaire here:



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Guide : Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools


Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools

In this guide I will show you how to use and troubleshoot Lync 2013 using Lync 2013 Debugging tool.

Basically you are running tool in monitoring mode to capture and all logs and save it to local file. Then you can open this log file using another tool called snooper.


you can get the tool and whole guide from Here




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Force Lync 2013 Clients to immediate download address book


Hello My friends,

today’s port we will see how to force Lync 2013 clients to immediate download address book.

thanks for Jeff Guillet Lync MVP for writing script.


The script below sets the GALDownloadInitialDelay key in the registry to force the Lync client to download the address book immediately after signing in.  It then enumerates all the SIP_* sub-folders in the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync folder and deletes theABS__sipdomain.cache file which makes up the local Lync 2013 address book and the GAL*.* files that make up the local Lync 2010 address book.

@echo off
rem Check if Lync is running, exit if it is…
tasklist /fi "IMAGENAME eq lync.exe" | find "lync.exe" >nul
If %errorlevel%==0 goto LyncIsRunningError
rem Add x86 GALDownloadInitialDelay registry entry
reg add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator /v GALDownloadInitialDelay /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f >nul
If %errorlevel%==1 goto ElevationError
rem Add WOW64 GALDownloadInitialDelay registry entry if x64
If %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==AMD64 reg add HKCU\Software\Wow6432Node\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator /v GALDownloadInitialDelay /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f >nul
If "%LOCALAPPDATA%"=="" Set LOCALAPPDATA=%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data
dir "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\sip_*" /b > list.txt
FOR /F "tokens=1" %%i in (list.txt) do (
rem Delete the Lync Server 2010 address book…
If Exist "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\%%i\gal*.*" del "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\%%i\gal*.*"
rem Delete the Lync Server 2013 address book…
If Exist "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\%%i\abs*.cache" del "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\%%i\abs*.cache"
del list.txt
echo Clearing Lync 2013 Address Books…  Done!
echo Sign back into Lync 2013 to download the current address book.
goto End
echo ERROR: You must run this command from an elevated Command Prompt.
goto End
echo ERROR: You must exit Lync 2013 before running this command. Right-click the Lync icon and choose Exit.

sace this script as .bat file in somewhere for example “c:\Lync 2013 Force Client to Download Address Book.bat


Run cmd As Administrator



you will need to exit Lync 2013 clients first or you will get the below error.





then run the script again.



after logging back in Lync you will see User@Doman..FQDN is created





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Lync Contact Manager & Step by step GuideEnter a post title



this script is used to manage Lync contacts.if you are using Lync server 2010 – 2013, you will face an issue due managing your contact list, using this script you can manage your contact list and put user account as template, then you can export this user (template) to backup file


2-12-2012 5-03-17 PM




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Lync 2013 on windows server 2012 R2 Known issue | Event IDs 32402, 61045


Event IDs 32402, 61045 are logged in Lync Server 2013 Front End servers that are installed in Windows Server 2012 R2

Event IDs 32402, 61045 are logged in Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Front End servers that are installed on computers that are running Windows Server 2012 R2.
Additionally, you experience the following symptoms:

  • Microsoft Lync 2013, Microsoft Lync 2010, or Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 clients cannot participate in conferences by using the Lync Server 2013 or Lync Server 2010 conference modalities.
  • Lync 2013, Lync 2010, or Office Communicator 2007 R2 clients that are not enabled for the Microsoft Exchange 2013 Unified Contact Store (UCS) do not display contact information.

When this problem occurs, the following events are logged in the Lync Server 2013 event log:

Event ID 32042

Log Name: Lync Server
Source: LS User Services
Date: 10/15/2013 4:02:05 AM
Event ID: 32042
Task Category: (1006)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: LyncFE01.contoso.local
Invalid incoming HTTPS certificate.
Subject Name: LyncFE01.contoso.local Issuer: Contoso-CA
Cause: This can happen if the HTTPS certificate has expired, or is untrusted. The certificate serial number is attached for reference.
Resolution: Please check the remote server and ensure that the certificate is valid. Also ensure that the full certificate chain of the Issuer is present in the local machine.

Event 61045

Log Name: Lync Server
Source: LS MCU Infrastructure
Date: 10/15/2013 4:02:20 AM
Event ID: 61045
Task Category: (1022)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: LyncFE01.contoso.local
Description: The DATAMCU was not able to stay connected to the Front End over the C3P channel (HTTPS Connection).
The Web Conferencing Server failed to send C3P notifications to the focus at https:// LyncFE01.contoso.local:444/LiveServer/Focus.
Cause: The Front End may not be running correctly or may be unreachable over the network (broken HTTPS connection) from the MCU. Unavailability of The C3P channel affects conference controls, and can also prevent users from joining, starting conferences.
Resolution: Verify that the Front End server is running correctly and that network connectivity and an HTTPS Connection can be established between the MCU and the Front End server.



  1. Click Start, type regedit in the Start search box, and then click regedit.exe in the results list.
  2. Locate the following registry subkey:


  3. Right-click Schannel, and then click New DWORD (32-bit) value.
  4. Type EnableSessionTicket, then press Enter.
  5. Right-click EnableSessionTicket, and then click Modify.
  6. Change the existing value to 2, and then press Enter.
  7. Exit Registry editor.
  8. Open the Lync Server Management Shell.
  9. Run the following Lync Server PowerShell commands in the given order:




and that’s it 🙂



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