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Hany Abd El-Wahab       

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Welcome to my blog ,

Hany has 9+ years of experience as IT Solution Architect, Consultation and Training. through a broad range of vendors and technologies such (Microsoft, VMware, EMC, Symantec and more). Also certified (Microsoft x4 MCSE, 2x MCITP, 15x MCTS), (VMware VCP-DCV, x2 VCP, 3x VCA, VCSTP), (EMC ISM, VNX-IE), DELL (DCSE- EN,S),  and more…


I started my career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 9 years, and i’ve been worked for New Horizons Egypt for couple of years, then Consultant in Egypt, then moved to Libya as a Microsoft Team Leader, then in 2014 i moved to Qatar as Senior Consultant.

I love, love and one more LLOOVVEE sharing knowledge and experience over the world.

Here you will find posts, tips, tricks, guides and more…


هانى عبد الوهاب هو مهندس محترف فى مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات منذ اكثر من 9 سنوات

عمل كمدرب محترف فى شركه نيوهوريزنز العالميه لعده سنوات, ثم عمل ك استشارى فى مصر , ثم انتقل الى ليبيا ليعمل ك مدير فريق مايكروسفت, ثم انتقل الى قطر ليعمل ك استشارى اول

Also you can find me : Facebook Page YouTube Channel, @HanyMC


Hany Abd El-Wahab



2 Responses to About The Writer

  1. Khaled Allam says:

    you are more than awesome

  2. thanks bro. for your kind words..

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